Pre Construction Services

Creating your buisiness just the way you want it

At Morgan Shaw Builders, we offer a variety of services to meet our customer’s needs. We offer a step-by-step, proven approach to help you navigate each stage of planning and building your new office.

Design Questionnaire

Understanding your needs and wants’

We start with an in-depth discussion about you and your goals for practice. We explore your vision and how you see yourself in five years, ten years and fifteen years. Once we know the specific, we can better assist you by creating a strategy that will bring your practice goals to fruition. We can then start a summary for your project including budgeted cost and approximate timelines.

Feasibility Study

What’s realistic?

This study goes deep into the infrastructure of your business from the very bare bones of your building through to the colors and ethos you give the building. The study will help you to understand your needs as well as the limits and restrictions you may face in a project.

Timeline Summary

Peace of mind

Time is money – they more the doors stay closed, the more money you could be making. So with our detailed time planning we can give you an accurate idea of when you can expect the work to be complete. We know you have priorities in launching the facility – don’t let us be one of them.

Remodeling Estimating

Working within your economy

Re-modelling can be daunting. At Morgan Shaw Builders we remove the stress and anguish which can be associated with cost. We pledge to keep the estimations conservative and realistic. With the years of experience we provide estimates which are near spot-on what you would like to hear… ask us about it.

Review of build options

It’s up to you

Reviewing build options is key. We’re not going to give you one option and change elements around for you as the project evolves. Our planning is meticulous and precise, so, the options you see in the per-construction stages are near perfect to the end product. It’s also fun – tells us how you work and what you like, we’re here to give you our expertise at the end of the day.

Floor Plan Outline

Lets get technical

The three P’s – Planning, Planning and, you guessed it, Planning! Ensuring you have the inch perfect plans before we even lay a finger on your property is imperative. We want to ensure you know exactly what is going to happen in your business and documenting this stage is key. The floor plans also look super cool…

Technology & Equipment Assessment

Our knowledge here is exceptional

With over 20 years in the industry, Morgan Shaw Builders’ knowledge of equipment from how it works in the field to the technical requirements of installation is top class. We want to make sure you and your staff are working in a ergonomically friendly environment with the best equipment for your budget.

Scheduling Forecasting

Looking into the future

Documenting everything is a piece of mind for both you and us. So when we look to the future we want to get the best, most optimal picture possible, so we don’t stumble upon any hidden surprises. This is the part were we look out for each other – after all we’re working as a team on this…

Featured Pre Construction Services

Lets jump into two of our services in more detail…

How do we perform a Feasibility Study?

What steps do we take to get it right for you?

Establishing a suitable office location or property is the important phase of the project, often influencing the future design and financial decisions, and, therefore, the success of your practice. Defining Your Project – At Morgan Shaw, we start every project with an in-depth conversation; to better understand the client goals.   This information also allows us to provide the client with an accurate proposal for services based on the size and complexity of their project.

  • Understand the Vision / Setting the Foundation
  • Communicating Your Goals and Dreams / Questionnaire / Needs Assessment
  • Pre – Construction Outline / Time Line
  • Preliminary Capital Budget Outline / IT, Tenant Improvement Forecasting

Floor Plan Outline

How do we create these?

Let’s start whit the end in mind…

A well thought out office floor plan is truly the basis for success. We produce detailed office floor plans that address all elements for highly productive dental office.  When planning there’s a small window of opportunity on a new project to get it right the first time around. If you don’t make the right decisions on time, then you miss the chance of saving thousands of dollars and end up making due with poor strategy/plan.

Your “Vision Guide” will be developed to help you think through the goals and objectives of your project. What do you want to accomplish? What is your vision for your practice? Everyone has different hopes, different dreams, different philosophies of practice, and working through our “Vision Guide” helps both you and your design team to better understand what direction your project will take.

Why choose us?

Three good reasons to use Morgan Shaw…

Projects done on time

Ok, lets be realistic, not everything goes to plan all the time. We want you to know we are working together on everything. So, with all our planning and forecasting we can give awesome estimates. The key to it all though is our communication, letting you know how things are going every step of the way.

Always available

Our office hours are from Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm. You can call any time though, if no one answers, leave a voicemail or text. Feel free to email us at any time too, we will be in contact as soon as we can.

Professional and responsible

At Morgan Shaw Builders we have the years of experience and network to provide you with top quality service and product. We are serious about getting you the best solution at a price point of quality and perfection.

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