Designing and building your reception room:

According to design professionals, healthcare design has evolved dramatically in the past decade. An attractive environment emphasizing tranquility and caring makes a positive first impression.

Patients are demanding more pleasing environments and many dentists are beginning to realize that superior office design can be used to market their services. According to ADA and dental office design experts, dental office environments are now being designed with an increased awareness and sensitivity to the patient and they project a more spa-like atmosphere to promote a sense of well-being.

There are many aspects to successfully completing a office design and construction project. For most doctors, building a office will be the single largest investment you every make – so one needs to be very conscious of speeding and how it will benefit you in the long run. “Cost effective” doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive, but rather, not wasteful. Ultimately, the actual objective is not simply reducing cost of the build, but instead increasing value – maximizing the return on your investment both financially and through improved quality.


At Morgan Shaw, we provide a road map for topics such as:

Practice feasibility
Choosing an office site
Integrating your design goals
Design summary
Constricting an expert project team