Vision Statement

A vision statement and a mission statement are critical for guiding and growing your practice. Learn how to develop these two small but mighty tools and get your team on board.

Your Office Reflects Your Practice Philosophy

Everything you do sends a message to your staff, current and potential patients. Starting with your website and telephone presence, the first impression of your office and through their treatment experience, these details add up to represent your practice brand personality.

If you haven’t developed your mission and vision statements for your practice, now is the time. Unless you are the only dentist in town, you will want to differentiate your practice to attract the type of patients you are seeking.

Start with these questions. What inspired you to become a dentist? What unique features, benefits and services do you offer and are most proud of? What impression do you think is most important to make about your practice?

Once you have identified your philosophy, you can create an environment that truly represents the way you support your patients, your team, and your community.